The Twilight Princess Is Having A Party

Are you like, Twilight Princess is having a party? Can I come? Well, sorry, but it is a surprise.

Let me explain. And then you will have a little background.

I have been working on a bit of a surprise party for myself. I don’t really know if you can throw one for yourself. But I intend to pretend to be surprised none the less. I have even picked out the invitations for the party. Princess invitations with a nice deep blue. Almost like twilight.

Why would anybody throw their own surprise party you might ask. And I am glad that you did. I think that I should just say this. I find the idea horrifying. People waiting to jump out on you and surprise you. It goes back to my teen years. In high school I was responsible for keeping a friend busy while her parents set everything up at their house for the party. We get back to her house, all lights are off, she walks in the door and announces “I have to take a huge dump!”

Lights turn on.


Embarrassment ensues.

Well, that would be embarrassing enough, but that wasn’t the only time I have been exposed to a surprise party. One birthday, I had dinner plans with three of my closest friends. When I showed up two of my friends were there already and it was set for eight people instead of four. My friends played it off as a reservation mix-up, but eventually told me that they were going to surprise me with a larger party and no one showed up.

I really don’t like surprises.

That is why I am going to make my own “surprise party” this year. It will sort of be like somebody just slipped up and let me know. But, no, I am going to be doing all of the planning and everything. This way I don’t get surprised when a) people jump out and scare me b) feel sad when nobody shows up. Ok, maybe “b” would still be a bit of bummer, but at least I am able to be prepared for it.

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